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Guar Gum Splits

Guar Gum Splits are refined endosperm derived from guar seed or cluster bean (Cyamoperm Tetragonoloba). Guar Gum Splits are non-ionic polysaccharide galacomannan. Guar Gum Splits (endosperm) are mechanically separated from guar seed which yields 28-30% of refined split. 

We provide superior (high viscosity) Guar Gum Splits to manufacturers of guar gum powder, which is their pre-requirement for manufacturing high quality powder.

Guar Gum Splits with their versatile inherent properties are used all over the globe for producing guar gum powder which has direct applications in many industries like petroleum (oil drilling), textile, food, pharmaceuticals, explosives, pet food etc.

Highlights :
  • Highly viscous
  • Caters to a number of industrial needs
  • Economical
  • Pure